Probate Law

Making the Unavoidable Endurable.

Complete Estate & Probate Law spends much of our time avoiding Probate, however sometimes Probate can’t be avoided. When you can’t avoid Probate, we are here to walk you through the process effectively and efficiently.

Our team assists clients with numerous types of probate issues.  The most common are, Decedent Estates, and Adult Guardianships and Conservatorships.

Decedent Estate – When a person passes away leaving property in their individual name, a decedent probate estate must be opened and administered.  This probate process transfers property from the deceased individual’s name to their heirs (spouse, children, etc.) or beneficiaries (people the deceased named in his/her Will). At Complete Estate & Probate Law, LLC, we will walk you through the court process step by step. We have extensive experience in probate.  If a Will of a family member or friend appoints you as Personal Representative or Executor, we will teach you how to serve in that capacity to avoid unnecessary risk to you and delay for the heirs/beneficiaries. Decedent estate can take several forms: full probate, small estate, determination of heirship, etc. In the state of Missouri, all of the different forms of probate involve a court procedure. In Kansas, there are simpler options for estates under $40,000 that you can learn more about here.

Adult Guardianship and or Conservatorship – When an individual becomes incapacitated – whether caused by disability, Alzheimer’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, or another incident, or has special needs as a child that require assistance after the age of 18, the court must appoint a Guardian and/or Conservator.  A Guardian and Conservator  manages the individual’s personal health and assets.  Guardians/Conservators have a huge job, they are responsible for ensuring for the care, safety and treatment of incapacitated persons.  They are accountable to the court each year for every dollar they use on behalf of the incapacitated person.  At Complete Estate & Probate Law, LLC we not only help you establish Guardianship and/or Conservatorship, we help you maintain your Conservatorship and remain compliant with the court.

Let Complete Estate & Probate Law, LLC, help you with your Probate matter. Contact us to set up an appointment today!