Adult Guardianship

Shielding the Vulnerable

Children with disabilities become adults with disabilities. Capable adults can experience injury or mental decline that affects their ability to care for themselves. These vulnerable people need someone who can legally make decisions for them.

You can’t meet the basic needs of your loved one without court involvement, leaving you stuck, frustrated, and powerless. We can guide you through the guardianship process as we have for many others in your exact situation. Our team has the experience you need, empowering you to protect and provide for your loved one.

The process is simple.

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

Our staff will get you set up with an appointment that fits your schedule.

Step 2

Fill Out the Form

Our staff will send you a form to fill out that gathers the information we need.

Step 3

Attend Appointment

Meet with your attorney to learn about, and begin the guardianship process.

Not ready to schedule yet? Download this free resource – Guardianship Timeline

We will teach you about the process and will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Not ready? Download a free resource.

Working together with our team, you will experience clear, organized systems to make the guardianship process run as smoothly as possible. In the end, you will have the power you need to take care of your loved one.