Estate & Trust Litigation

Estate & Probate Litigation

What is Estate and Probate Litigation? To understand Estate and Probate Litigation, you first must know the definition of “fiduciary.”  Another name for Estate and Probate litigation is Fiduciary Litigation.  When someone is in charge of managing money or assets, for another person, or entity, that person is a fiduciary. A fiduciary must act with care, loyalty, and good faith avoiding conflicts of interest. Some examples of fiduciaries are Personal Representatives/Executors, Trustees, and some Financial Advisors

When a fiduciary fails to act with care, loyalty, good faith, or has a conflict of interest that causes a person or entity to lose money and therefore inflicts financial harm, that fiduciary can be held responsible for damages.

Complete Estate & Probate Law, LLC has extensive experience in representing those harmed by Fiduciaries, or representing fiduciaries that are accused of wrongdoing. Let us advocate for you.