Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Have you been named as the Trustee of a trust? Are you wondering where to start and what you have to do as Trustee? Being Trustee comes along with very specific duties and responsibilities.  Failure to fulfill those duties and responsibilities can bring personal risk and liability to the Trustee.   Complete Estate & Probate Law can help you serve the beneficiaries well, and reduce your liability, by ensuring you do everything the trust and law requires.

Trusts are unique, each one different in the details & instructions it lays out for Trustee.  Every Trust tells the Trustees how to manage assets, and make distributions to beneficiaries. As Trustee, you must act according to the terms the trust provides. Trustees are fiduciaries, meaning Trustees are held to the highest standard of the law, must protect trust assets, and the interests of all Trust beneficiaries.

Having a legal team behind you to assist in interpreting & managing the trust can lighten your burden as you serve as Trustee. At Complete Estate & Probate Law, LLC, our team stands ready to assist during your complex journey as Trustee. We will educate you and provide a step-by-step process to empower you to act the way the Trust’s creator knew you could. Allow us to assist you as you endeavor the duty of Trustee.


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