Estate Planning

Our mission is to serve your growing or maturing family through our signature approach:

Estate Planning, what’s that? Estate Planning encompasses many things, primarily, it puts into place a plan, to provide a smooth, efficient transfer of money, and “stuff” to the people you want to receive it, after you pass away. This is done in many different ways, specifically, Wills, Trusts, and non-probate transfers such as beneficiary designations. To figure out which option best fits your needs and circumstances, Polly will meet with you, explain each option and help you choose what option best fits your situation and budget.

Estate Planning also includes choosing people to make decisions for your health care and finances, in the event you are incapacitated and can’t make decisions yourself.  This is done through Durable Powers of Attorney documents.

No one wants to think about dying or being incapacitated. However, protecting your family by planning, avoids costly probate, making a more streamlined and simpler process for your family.  This allows your family the opportunity to grieve instead of bicker over money or things, or deal with the court.

The team at Complete Estate & Probate Law will inform you of all of your options, and work with you in developing an effective and complete estate plan that accomplishes your goals. With highly technical laws and monetary consequences, Estate Planning can seem overwhelming. We will listen, and learn about your values, goals, desires, and finances, and devise a plan with you that works for you, your asset structure, ultimate desires, and budget. We will explain estate planning in a way that you will understand, so you walk out of our office empowered with information and peace of mind that your plans are complete. You are not another number to us. You have a unique situation and you deserve, and will receive our individual attention.

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